Pointing and Bedding

After many years on your roof, tiles need to be re-pointed. The traditional way was to re-point the tiles with four parts sand and one part cement. However, this sand and cement mix is not flexible and tended to crack over time. Most old tile roofs in Sydney still have the old pointing and there is always cracking taking place which compromises the strength and waterproofing of your roof.

Roof Pointing SydneyToday, we do things differently. We use the latest in flexible tile pointing products which come in a large range of colours to match the colour of your tiles. The flexible pointing is applied on either side of the ridge capping tiles and on the joins and is able to cope with small movements of the tile ridge capping much better than just the old sand and cement.

Pointing has the function of binding the ridge capping onto the tiles so that the tiles do not get blown off in strong winds.
Re-pointing also seals the cracks in the bedding between the ridge caps and the roof tiles. This is the waterproof membrane for the ridge caps. So if your old roof has a leak and the leak is caused by water entry through the ridge capping, then flexible pointing will do wonders to stop the leaks!

Tuckpointing Sydney

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Our Pointing & Bedding service also includes:

• Replacing broken or cracked tiles
• Sourcing new tiles to match if you do not have any spares
• Roof or Gutter repairs if required
• Pointing Gable ends
• Itemised roof and gutter condition report upon completion
What an excellent job you guys did! The job looks great, and you cleaned up perfectly – the exterior of the house looks brand new!” – Simon & Vanessa

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