Premium Gutter Guard

We work on roofs and gutters. Everyday.

When it comes to gutter guard, we know what works. With the correct Gutter Guard installed on your roof you will have the following protection:

  • Allow the easy flow of water off the roof, into the gutter and down pipe and safely away from your property
  • Protect your home against fire damage from the burning embers of a bush fire igniting accumulated gutter debris
  • Clogged and dirty gutters lead to rust and deterioration, causing major costs and problems for your roof and home

  • Overflowing gutters leak water onto paths & foundations
  • Rotting roof timbers and damaged ceilings from overflowing gutters back-flowing into the roof cavity
  • Dirty tank water – ensures clean water without debris
  • Prevent bird droppings and the building of nests in gutters
  • Helps prevent spiders, vermin and other unwanted pests making a home in your roof (Australia has a real bird pest problem. We have found many Indian Myna birds nesting in roofs and gutters. Cockatoo, Pigeon and Seagull droppings block up gutters and downpipes. We also have also found snakes and possums living in roof cavities.)
  • Prevents small animals and pets from becoming accidentally trapped in the roof
  • Limits breeding of mosquitoes due to stagnant water pools in gutters
  • Gutters will last approx 2-3 times longer with gutter guard installed that is regularly maintained
  • Colour matched to your roof and gutters

What is the best Gutter Guard for my Roof?

That depends on your roof and budget. For this reason we won’t give you a ‘guesstimate’ on the phone. We will come out free of charge, get onto the roof, take all the variables such as pitch, substrate (is it tile or metal), valleys and design into account before helping you to make an informed decision about what will be the best for you.

We are not tied to any one type or brand of gutter guard - so we will install the most suitable gutter guard for your roof and budget. You may choose from:

  • UV stabilized Polyethylene (Plastic Mesh)
  • Commercial grade premium Aluminium gutter guard - Polyester Powder coated in Colorbond colours to match your roof and gutters designed for harsh Australian conditions
  • Meets Australian Standards AS 3959-1999 with a Flammability Index of 0
  • 3,5mm aperture, 1mm strand thickness
  • Both are guaranteed by Australian Manufacturers for 15 years!

All our Gutter Guard can be colour matched to suit your home from a range of COLORBOND® colours to match your roof and gutters.

Beautiful Gutter Guard in AvalonDo you have to maintain Gutter Guard?

Yes, though our products require very minimal maintenance. We would suggest at least an annual blow out or flush with a hose to clean depending on how much debris build up you have on the roof and gutters. You could do this yourself, or we could do it for you. Our free reminder service allows you peace of mind - we will remind you every year to flush so that acidic silt doesn't build up in your gutters.

Many Gutter Guard companies insist that gutter guard eliminates all maintenance of gutters - this is usually not true. Some ongoing maintenance as above is always required.

We don't use contractors and we will not send a salesman to your property. One of our employee installers will visit your property and give you a fixed price quote - so there are no nasty surprises! You will be able to deal directly with the tradesman who will do the job.