Valley Replacement or Repair

Most roofs will have one or several valleys on it. This is the section of your roof where two slopes join at an angle. One of the most common causes of leaks are rusted or damaged valleys. Valleys should last well over 20 years, but their life span is shortened by corrosive debris building up. When your roof is under trees – especially gum trees, the valleys will need frequent cleaning and rust proofing to extend their life and prevent leaks.

If your valleys have started to rust, an inexpensive solution is for us to prepare the surface and paint them with a special cold galvanising paint that will slow the rust and extend their life for years. A good reason to carry this out is the fact that if you have a tiled roof, to replace a valley the ridge capping at the top of the valley has to be removed and re-pointed, adding to the cost of valley replacement.

Below: Rusted valleys causing leaks and internal damage. New COLORBOND valleys installed to provide a water tight roof for decades to come.

Roof Valley Repair Sydney

When we are asked to do ridge cap repointing on your tiled roof, we will take a good look at the valleys. If they are showing any sign of rust, it makes more sense to change the valley before the ridge capping work. Otherwise, if the valley is changed after the ridge caps are repointed – the ridge capping work will have to be done again!

When to Replace a Valley?

When the rust is too far advanced, a new Colorbond or Zincalume valley that is colour matched to your roof will enhance & protect your roof for decades.

We prefer installing COLORBOND valleys as they look good, and last longer - at no extra cost to you.

We can replace worn or rusted valleys, flashings, box gutters, worn metal skillions, and skylights.

Below: Valleys with light rust have been prepared and treated with cold galvanising paint to extend their life for many years.

New Valley Roof Repair

Selecting a Quote

“We have seen new roofs that are probably worse than the one that was replaced – so don’t make the mistake of approving the quote based on price only. Make sure the roofing contractor knows what he is doing. Asking for local references is one good way to check." – Luiz

Valley Repairs

Below is an example of a poorly installed valley where the tiles have been placed right up to and over the valley. The result: Severe leaking and poor flow of water to the gutters.

Before: valley repairs - tiles have been laid right over the valley

Sydney Roof Valley That Needs Repair


Our experienced team identified the problem, cut back and relaid the tiles, securing them with valley clips to ensure the tiles will stay in place even under severe weather conditions. Roof repairs you can rely on!
Repaired Roof Valley Northern Beaches Sydney